Re-ordering Project

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

10th June: Week 20.

Time to start moving in, praying the building through and imaging how we live in it. 

Friday Photos

Through the entrance areaInto the main hallThe chairs have arrived for the worship areaAnd the altar cloths are newly made

3rd June: Week 19.

This week they are cleaning up and snagging. We have a walk round review on Wednesday morning and handover on Friday.

Friday photographs

The small meeting roomthe kitchenthe main church

27th May: Week 18.

This week they are hoping that the floor will have dried out so that they can lay the flooring. Toilets should be going in.

Friday photographs (more to come when the floor is down)

The Sanctuary after the paint workThe outside space ready for surfacingThe new path from the Rectory

20th May: Week 17.

This week they will continue plastering, decorating and working on the outside area. here weeks and counting.

Friday photographs

The trolleys for the stacking chairs fit in the cupboard!Doors to the small meeting roomThe South Door begins to look as though it has always been thereThe gold coloured [aint (not a great representation - the wall is nearly white)

13th May: Week 16.

This week they will continue plastering, decorating and working on the outside area. Time is cracking on, we are almost there.

Friday photographs (lots this week!)

The outside space is coming onThe door to get to the outside has been fittedThey have started to clear out and work on the front of churchKeeping the place clean and the dust down is important workThe pulpit where it will end up (and where it started)Painting and decorating, getting the doors on

6th May: Week 15.

This week they will continue decorating and working on the outside area. The gas is now connected and the underfloor heating can be tested.

Friday photographs

Plastering has startedKitchen units in (with protective film - they are not blue)They chose the wet week to work on the outside play areaThe loft ladder to get to the balcony for storage ONLY - just in case you had other ideas..... 

29th April: Week 14.

This week they will be decorating and working on the outside area. The gas meter comes at the end of the week. There will be a lot of workmen on site.

Friday photographs

Disabled toilet space - boilers moved, waiting for gas meterThis is where the kitchen units will goHigh level decorating complete. Cleaning down and prep for mower level work.Choosing the contrast colour - gold to match the stained glass.Channels in plaster work are for the PA/AV installation. (We chose the one on the right)

22nd April: Week 13.

This week they will be putting more plaster board on the walls and working on the outside area. They have begun to work on the decorating (mainly preparation work).

Friday photographs

The roof from the top of the high rise boomThe church from the top of the high rise boomThe trench for the gas mainThe high rise boom (so they can reach the top!)

15th April: Week 12.

This week they will be working on the stud walls, first fix electrics and plumbing. Now they can get the cherry-picker in they can start some of the higher up work.

Friday photographs (on Maundy Thursday)

This is where the toilet will beThe cupboards ar taking shapeThe kitchen space

8th April: Week 11.

This week they will be working on the stud walls and electrics and putting plaster board on the walls.

NB: There will be no Friday Photographs as they are closing down the site for a couple of days. Our thoughts are with the team.

Quick photo from the Monday after:

They can get the cherry picker in now......

1st April: Week 10.

This week they will be working on the stud walls and electrics (you can see where they are bringing in the electricity supply).

Friday Photographs

Stud partitions for walls and cupboardsThe floor is down and drying out

25th March: Week 9.

This week they will be laying the pipes for the underfloor heating. The screed floor goes down on Friday. They will be plaster-boarding the partition walls and completing the opening of the South Door.

Friday Photographs

Openng the South Door to teh outside areaStud partitions for the kitchen area and cupboardsAll of th eunderfloor heating pipes, ready for the screed at the weekend

18th March: Week 8.

This week they should be laying the insulation for the underfloor heating and may build the toilet walls at the back.

Friday photographs

Laying out the underfloor heating pipesOPening the door to the South of the ChurchThe beginning of the meeting room partitioning wallThe steps up to the Sanctuary.

11th March: Week 7.

This week the concrete will be drying out and there will be some first fix work. We should begin to see a difference in other places than the floor soon!

Friday photographs

Floor drying and insulation boards in out of the wind.View to the front of the churchBase for where the pulpit will be sited - where it came from 70 years ago!

4th March: Week 6.

This week they will be pouring the concrete slab for the floor, ready for the insulation and underfloor heating.

Friday photographs

The floor ready for the concretePouring and flattening the concreteOne of the fleet of concrete mixers on Friday

25th February: Week 5.

This week they will be continuing with the drains and the flooring.

Friday photographs

the floors are being levelled outthey are measuring them carefully as they flatten themStrengthened foundations where the metal supports for teh balcony will be replaced

18th February: Week 4.

This week they will be continuing to fill the floor voids with crushed stone. They will have to remove the slabs from the aisle and fill the void beneath that as well. They are also scheduled to start the first fix electrical services.

Friday photographs

digging the drainsdigging from the inside as wellThe floor voids are filled

11th February: Week 3.

This week they will be taking the rubble out of the floor voids and starting to fill the space with crushed stone. It's a long job because you can't get a big dumper truck in. 

Friday photographs

This is how big a truck you can get into churchThis is how big a truck it takes to bring the stonesfloor voids at the sides being filled - and the aisle slabs being taken out.

4th February: Week 2.

This week they will be taking more stuff out of church and start to move the walls at the back so that the toilets can be a bit bigger. They should begin to bring in the stone to fill floor voids.

Friday photographs

Taking out the wallsthe floor voidslooking through to where the toilets will be

28th January: Week 1.

This week is mainly taking things apart, removing the wires and pipes that are going to be replaced. We are also finishing off the roof repairs - snow permitting.

Friday photographs

The floor voidsview from the back


We have known for years (since prior to Barbara's arrival in 2008) that our buildings need extensive work.

The Church Hall was built in 1957, with an expected lifespan of 40-50 years, so we are living on borrowed time - and it shows.

The Church is in need of major work - although it is structurally sound in the main. It needs to be rewired and the lighting upgraded, The heating needs to be addressed. It needs redecorating, and some way found to prevent the condensation which is so disfiguring on the walls.

After years of prayer and thought, we plan to bring our community facility into the church building. This means that we can upgrade the facilities we offer and secure their future. We will also be using the church building every day,which will be better for it and will upgrade the lighting and electrics. Not only will this be good for the building, but it means that the history of our community that the building tells will be available to more people.

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