Organising an event

Thank you for organising an event for our Parish. We want to support you as much as we can, so here are some hints and tips.

1) Date and Location - it may seem obvious, but you need to check that the building that you want to use is available on the date you have in mind. It is also worth checking the calendar to ensure that there is nothing else on that date. You need to ensure that the team of people that you are working with are happy with that date. Finally, a quick check to make sure that there isn't a cup final or something that will stop people coming - local events are worth checking up on as well.

2) Tell us about it - there is an events form here. Get this filled in as much as you can and send it to the events team, the web administrator (to get it added to the calendar and put on the web page) and PCC Secretary (to let the PCC know and ensure that it is covered by our insurance). The addresses are on the contacts page.

3) Get planning - but remember to keep people informed. Put something in the Church Magazine (contacts page again) or on the News Sheet (e-mail the Rector). People are willing to help / join in, but they need to know how. If you want to include other groups, it is worth remembering that they often plan a term or a year ahead - give them as much notice as possible. If you want an information page for your event, let the web administrator know and it will appear on this page. You will need to tell us who needs to be able to edit it.

4) Publicity / tickets - contact the Rector if you want help producing these. We have a Facebook Page where we can publicise, and we can produce posters or fliers to be shared out by our congregations.

GOOD LUCK - we hope that your event is a great success.

The Rectory 

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