Holy Week Meditations

These striking pictures by Ethiopian artist Nebiyu Assefa tell the story of Jesus’ Passion in a distinctive and moving way, and we offer them as a resource to help people of all ages engage with Jesus’ journey to the cross and beyond.

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If you want to see the pictures better, see below.

1 Do as I have done Jesus washes the disciples’ feet Based on John 13.1-15

2 Remember me Jesus breaks bread with his friends. Based on Luke 22.14-20

3 Get up and pray Jesus is alone in the garden. Based on Luke 22.39-46

4 I do not know him Jesus’ disciples deny knowing him. Based on Luke 22.54-62

5 Women are wailing Jesus carries his cross to the place of execution. Based on Luke 23.26-27

6 Immersed in death Jesus is crucified; he is dead. He is taken down from the cross. Based on Luke 23.44-56

7 I have seen the Lord The women discover the tomb is empty tomb. He is risen! based on John 20.11-18

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