Church Hall Booking Enquiry

This is the first stage of the booking process.

A member of the church will contact you and supply you with a copy of our Conditions of Booking and an indicative hire cost if we are able to process your request.

You will then be advised of how to pay us, and a Hire Agreement will be issued for our joint signatures. Only when this is issued will the hire be confirmed.

If you require a paper copy of this form, please email here.

St Patrick’s Church Hall and Holy Trinity Community Space
Booking Enquiry Form

(Please read the notes in red when completing this form)

Name of Hirer(s)           
All hirers are required to remain on the premises throughout the booking we therefore recommend that you name at least one alternative person as well as yourself. 

Organisation (if any)   

Address of each Hirer 

Telephone number       

e-mail address             

Preferred day, Date & Time  (Please give alternatives)

Intended use of Hall

Would you like to serve or sell Alcohol, including as prizes 

Approval is needed from the PCC for any bookings associated with Alcohol.

How many do you think will attend 

Statement of compliance

I / We the Hirer agrees that we will not pursue any activity in the Hall which is contrary to the Aims and Objectives of the Church of England in general, and The Parish of Kimberley and Nuthall in particular’ If unsure please contact  the Rector for clarification.
Your request is to use a building owned by the Church of England. 

The Rectory 

1, Eastwood Road 



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